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What we are doing now

The DapCash team is currently developing the Kelvin project. Kelvin is based on the same code as the DapCash blockchain. In accordance with the investment agreement, the release of the Kelvin project is planned before the DapCash ICO launching. As soon as Kelvin is to be launched and tested, we launch our author’s project DapCash.

The common features of DapCash and Kelvin:

– Kelvin blockchain is developed on the same unique C-code as the original DapCash blockchain
– DapCash and Kelvin are both post-quantum cryptocurrencies and can resist a quantum supercomputer
– Both projects are based on multiple blockchain, which provides high speed of transactions in the network.

The difference between DapCash and Kelvin:

– Kelvin is designed for those of crypto-users who appreciate the comfort (smart contracts, open API, convenient ID for the wallet)
– DapCash is more focused on network services that will be implemented only within the framework of this project: onion routing, DarkNet, VPN, etc.
– Also, DapCash places special emphasis on the anonymity of transactions and connections
– You can buy DapCash coins at a crowdsale (ICO), and Kelvin is not planning a public sale.

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