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DapCash updates

So, we promised to tell you what new and interesting things would appear in our project. Here they are.

Private shards mechanism and different types of consensus will appear in DapCash.

This is one of our most important developments making our blockchain fast and convenient. Let’s talk briefly about shards.

Depending on the block signature it could be zero level or sharded. If sharded then it has additional NonCE value, ID of its shard and previous block’s hash inside the shard. That means sharded block has two uplinks: one from Golden Blockchain and second from sharded chain. This happens because mining process is the same for both types and happens at one time.

In a nutshell: if there are trailing zeros like in classic blockchains then we call it “golden block” and user for zero level chain (0LB). If it has repeating bits like 0011001100110011 or 011001100110 or some other variants then we call it “silver block” and put this block in the cell shard. More details you can see here: dap_chain_mine​object.

Also there’s such thing as a private shard. Inside of private shard, you can have your own private consensus with your own private token.

We can say that a private shard is something like a “shitcoin” which has a gateway to the main network. Tokens issued during the ICO and bought at the token sale can “flow” into other blockchain networks. The tokens obtained during the ICO automatically become the coins of a new private shard (shitcoins). And such a shitcoin is immediately traded on the internal exchange.

The similar mechanism of private shards is announced only at TON yet. As for DapCash, this mechanism is developed independently and is already being implemented in the related  Kelvin project.

Also we are going to implement the following types of consensus: DPoS, PoH, PoW, HPoW, PoA etc. We have carefully analyzed the different types of consensus and have chosen these ones.

Smart contracts

We will not use special “gas” for smart contracts in DapCash. The gas required for the execution of smart contracts will be generated on the spot inside the node. Smart contracts in all ChainFrame blockchains can be paid with any token, including private one. To do this, the node should have the necessary plug-in and consent to accept shitcoins as payment. We deliberately moved away from using gas as a special token (as, for example, in the NEO network), so that the price of gas in our network would not be too high as a result.


In the DapCash network, the anonymizer of I2C type providing a high level of user data anonymity will be applied.

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