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How do you choose new altcoins for investment?

How to choose a budding ICO for investment?
Currently, the ICO market is going through difficult times. Too many low-quality projects appeared in late 2017 and early 2018, and now they are only abandoned sites and useless tokens. Against this background, it is increasingly difficult for project founders to earn the trust of investors and raise funds to develop a project.
Difficult times are not only for founders but also for investors. There are too many projects, and crypto-investors just don’t have time to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each project. How to understand which project is worthy of attention? Here’s what we think about it:

1) First of all, you should pay attention to the role of blockchain in a project.
If blockchain can be easily removed from the project and it doesn’t change – well, this project doesn’t need blockchain. Crypto-investor doesn’t need such a project either. Pay special attention to those projects that are unthinkable without blockchain, in which blockchain – based innovations are the heart of the project.

2) Look for projects that are unknown to a wide audience.
Have you found a project that is placed on all the top ranking sites? A project has a huge community and advertisement in the top crypto-media? Great! A project has a huge budget for marketing and…. what else? And most often it is the only thing that a project has. And even if the project is really great, too many people already know about it.
Look for projects that don’t shout about themselves too loudly and don’t throw money for marketing. These projects spend funds primarily for product development.

3) Take a critical look at the project – what does it have except beautiful promises? Every decent project must have MVP! If the project team has already created at least something, it is hoped that the project will be brought to completion.

4) Pay close attention to a project team. If a team comprise too many managers, advisors, and marketers it could mean those founders are primarily concerned about the image of a project. Don’t get fooled by these decorations. In a decent blockchain project, the main role is played by developers.

5) Attentively consider the size of a hard cap. In fact, the development of almost any IT-project, including blockchain projects, requires not so much money. Well, a few million dollars for 2-3 years. If founders want to raise more than $ 10 million, think about whether to invest in someone’s holidays in the Maldives or in someone’s new Maibach.

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