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Is cryptocurrency market crashed or live?

In November, cryptocurrency market news caused horror and panic among many members of the crypto community. The owners of the cryptocurrency are stressed out watching bitcoin price and trying to calm their growing panic with positive bitcoin price predictions. Their counterparts with less strong stomach are trying to sell their bitcoins as soon as possible. Mining farms and single miners are going broke and only thinking how to sell off their ASICs and other mining rigs. Trying to look smart, crypto-experts give opposite predictions – they sound like cat’s concert. The financiers of Wall Street are gloating.
If you have not fallen into a panic and don’t rush to sell your crypto assets, we are ready to share our main ideas about what is happening.

Cryptocurrency isn’t dying. It is so good that large investors are trying to capture it.
Paradoxically, but it is. If the crypto-market wasn’t needed by anyone, it would not experience such wild volatility. Large investors are seriously interested in the market. A year ago they managed to fix a profit at the level of $20,000. And now they desire to pull the opposite trick – to enter the market at the lowest possible price.

What are the objectives and the final point of big whales?
No one knows that. Big whales – big plans. Bitcoin will not be allowed to die completely. But the extent to which prices will fall further– up to $ 3,000 per Bitcoin or up to $ 1,000 – is not clear.

What should simple guys do with their bitcoins?
It is clear that the guys with ice in their veins will survive – who are ready to forget about their bitcoins for at least a year, or even for 5 years. As well as those who now are purchasing coins at the lowest prices or cautiously shorting the market. But in the crypto market, there are too many amateurs – both traders and miners – who are now being ravaged by big whales. In this way, the crypto market will get rid of foam and become more civilized.

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