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DapCash Today

So, the current update of our project. We briefly tell you what the current state of DapCash is.

We remind you that our project started in December 2017. And has come a long way in the last couple of years.

Our achievements for today:

* We have an MVP, namely: a working testnet, a wallet, and a working VPN service.

* Our platform is implemented in C, which is quite rare for such projects. C is one of the most cross-platform languages. In addition, the platform can also be bound to higher-level languages. In other words, the DapCash blockchain is easy to integrate with other platforms.

* Our token is not just a «coin». It is backed with the already working economy of the project — VPN services kelvpn.comdivevpn.com. Our team is also developing a WMS system (Warehouse Management System) for B2B clients.

* We have our own SDK, that is, a kit of libraries so that any client can easily and quickly start working with our platform. We created SDK even for the Python language, which makes it possible to integrate with our platform in C language.

* Our team implemented our own, unique cryptographic schemes based on post-quantum algorithms. As well as a multi-algorithmic digital signature.

We actively proceed with the project and remember everyone who entrusted us with their funds.

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