First post-quantum cryptocurrency

Quantum Apocalypse Resistance

DapCash is the first resistant to quantum computers crypto currencies platform with different coins, rapid, secure and full anonymous transactions. Original DAP framework merged all the most important modern blockchain technologies.

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Why do YOU need DapCash


  • multi-functional robust wallet;
  • fast and anonymous transactions;
  • post-quantum VPN, audio/video streaming, file storage and many other familiar services powered by post-quantum blockchain;
  • decentralized crypto exchange for all types of tokens.


  • CPU optimized democratic mining for everyone – you don’t need to own a large mining farm;
  • shared and decentralized mining pool embedded by default for all blockchain nodes You can join a shared pool or create your own sub-pool;
  • 3 coin types – Golden, Silver and Bronze.


  • unique technology on the existing blockchain market;
  • versatile functionality of DapCash blockchain;
  • high potential for coin price growth.


  • smart contracts for ERC20 and nonERC20 tokens;
  • private corporate blockchain with your own unique token;
  • platform to start your postquantum blockchain project;
  • business collaboration tools audio/video.

First Quantum resistant cryptocurrency based on 100% original code, merged all the modern features of blockchain technologies. The essential DapCash feature is variative Post Quantum algorithms to make DapCash quantum resistant and survive the Quantum Apocalypse.

All blockchains will be processed in one wallet. So you could have fast transactions, secure investments and cheap gas for smart contracts and a lot of other services at your hand.

Golden coin.

Rare token with one block per 10 000 secs generation, classic PoW. Golden blocks are also planning to be used for establishing consensus between shards inside other blockchains that has shards.

Silver coin.

General tokens, unlimited block size, one block per 100 seconds, hierarchical PoW with sharded blockchain. 100 DAPS = 1 DAPG.

Bronze coin.

(payment tokens – cup of coffee, gas for smart contracts, payments for DapVPN, etc., DPoS). 1000 DAPB = 1 DAPS.

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When will the Quantum Apocalypse come?

Laboratory samples of quantum computers have already been developed!

April, 2012

University of Southern California, USA:
2- qubit quantum computer was developed.

July, 2017

Harvard University, USA:
51-qubit quantum computer was created.

March, 2018

Google, USA:
72-qubit quantum computer was invented.

First 1000-qubit quantum computer.

When? There is no guarantee that we will be informed about it. But it will inevitably happen in the nearest years.

Quantum apocalypse will cause a crisis, during which the dvantages will be those crypto-currencies that will withstand the quantum apocalypse.

This is the currency we are announcing.

Uniqueness of the project

-Ability to change cryptography “on the fly”-@3x

Fast anonymous transactions with post-quantum zero-knowledge ring signature.

We have integrated the implementation of post-quantum annotation Picnic – an algorithm, as well as based on a zero-knowledge confirmation.

-CPU optimized mining-@3x

CPU optimized mining.

Just like in all other PoW networks, the complexity of forming each new block is adjusted on the basis of the total hash of capacities so that the generation of each new block takes place at the same time. For gold blocks this time is extremely high, ten thousand seconds (10,000). The golden block is confirmed by 10 inclusions in the silver block plus three inclusions in the gold. Mining of both blocks goes simultaneously, with calculation of probability of that for each one thousand silver blocks there will be one golden.

-Ability to change cryptography “on the fly”-@3x

Ability to change cryptography “on the fly”.

Any digital signature must be variable – that is, it can be implemented in the form of different algorithms. It can be ring, allowing to make anonymous transactions, it can be multiple – signed by several participants at once. It can be of different types. If tomorrow you find a vulnerability in the security protocol, the next day the update of the software should add a new id for the new secure protocol. We have ability to use up to 65536 algorithms when others select only one, single algorithm.


Multiple blockchains with different consensuses and tokens assignments.

Multiple blocking, in which blocks are combined into different chains with different types of tokens, but which can contain each other’s transactions. Calculation of the balance of the wallet will be made immediately for all the detainees. Different blockhouses will have different algorithms for forming a block, different block generation times, different complexity. In the future, probably the emergence of new types of tokens.

-Original C based code-@3x

Original C based code, optimized for high load.

The basis for the technical implementation of the block is the DAP framework, specifically the following libraries: libdap, libdap-stream, libdap-chain and libdap-server.

DapCash competitors

Zero-knowledge proofs of transaction ring signature Quantum resistance Multiply blockchain with different tokens Variable digital signatures Sharding mechanism Original code
  • To some extent, cryptocurrencies try to solve the problem of transactions anonymity but they don’t have a comprehensive approach. DapCash uses the holistic approach – not only the ring signature with zero knowledge but also the variable signatures with the option to change cryptography;
  • No cryptocurrency can solve the problem of quantum computing – all of them are vulnerable to the quantum computer;
  • TON is the closest to DapCash – multiple blockchain with fast transactions, sharding, anonymity. But currently, TON doesn’t disclose the details of how they will implement all these features. And even if TON succeeds in realizing all these proposals, it will still remain vulnerable to quantum computers.


June 2017
June 2017

Development of the DAP engine

August 2017
August 2017

High load tests (DAP-based VPN)

November 2017
November 2017

Development of the concept and business plan

December 2017
December 2017

Development, design of the concept

March 2018
March 2018

Launch of the first post-quantum VPN service

April 2018
April 2018

Development of the engine in the Kelvin Cellframe. Visit site

September 2018
September 2018

Debugging, testing, bugs bounty

December 2018
December 2018

Starting the Live-CDP

March 2019
March 2019

Beta testing of the first post-quantum VPN service. Visit site

What we are doing now

The DapCash team is currently developing the Kelvin project. Kelvin is based on the same code as the DapCash blockchain. In accordance with the investment agreement, the release of the Kelvin project is planned before the DapCash ICO launching. As soon as Kelvin is to be launched and tested, we launch our author’s project DapCash.

The common features of DapCash and Kelvin:
  • Kelvin blockchain is developed on the same unique C-code as the original DapCash blockchain
  • DapCash and Kelvin are both post-quantum cryptocurrencies and can resist a quantum supercomputer
  • Both projects are based on multiple blockchain, which provides high speed of transactions in the network.
The difference between DapCash and Kelvin:
  • Kelvin is designed for those of crypto-users who appreciate the comfort (smart contracts, open API, convenient ID for the wallet)
  • DapCash is more focused on network services that will be implemented only within the framework of this project: onion routing, DarkNet, VPN, etc.
  • Also, DapCash places special emphasis on the anonymity of transactions and connections
  • You can buy DapCash coins at a crowdsale (ICO), and Kelvin is not planning a public sale.


Dmitry Gerasimov

DapCash project generalist, author of idea, all the blockchain code itself and most of DAP framework code. By education a physicist, by profession a C/C++ developer with more than 20 years of experience, a specialist in computer security, system programming on UNIX systems, encryption algorithms. At the moment, the head of the company Demlabs.

Mira Brezhinskaia

DapCash CEO

Irina Vishnepolskaia

Chief Marketing Officer

And +20 developers!

Do you want to be a part of our team?

Why our team is unique and strong?
  • We are a team of technicians with a deep understanding of what we do
  • We rely on ourselves
  • Our team doesn’t include expensive and widely advertised advisors, because only we are the best experts and professionals in our project

Frequently Asked Questions

No, DapCash will not use ERC20. We will develop special KS01 standard – draft name for DapCash, Kelvin and other post-quantum currencies with variable signatures.
A quantum threat is the ability to hack into the blockchain by using a quantum computer. A quantum computer due to super-fast computation processes will be able to fit private keys to encrypted blockchain transactions. Laboratory samples of quantum computers have already been developed. As soon as a quantum computer with sufficient power is developed, it becomes possible to hack most of existing blockchains.
Exchange between DapCash pre-orders and Kelvin tokens would be able at August-September 2018, after Kelvin release. Exchange rate will be calculated from nominal values both DapCash and Kelvin tokens, 1:1. So if you purchased DapCash coins for 10 ETH you can buy Kelvin coins for 10 ETH as well.
Coin Distribution Period (CDP) is the time during which you have a unique chance to buy DapCash coins and contribute to our project. After the end of CDP, you can get coins only through mining.

The difference is as follows:

  • We don’t generate the hype around the not-yet-existing product. We don’t call to make money on speculations with our coins.
  • We are an innovative IT company Demlabs Inc and have extensive experience in the development of unique IT products based on C-code: post-quantum blockchain, decentralized VPN service, etc.
  • We are not tied to cryptocurrencies and our project will not disappear like most ICOs. We already have MVP and we are ready to develop our project in any conditions.
  • Our project is financed at the expense of our own funds and the funds of our large investors. But since DapCash project is designed for ordinary people, we give them the opportunity to participate in our project during the Coin Distribution Period.


If the project fails or its conception changes a lot we’ll offer everybody to return funds. All the rest will have bonuses as usual.
But if we don’t reach hard cap – it doesn’t matter. We invest our own funds in the project and finance DapCash at the expense of other projects.

We have already implemented the following algorithms:
– Algorithms for wallets: Picnic, Tesla, Bliss;
– Algorithms for peer-to-peer connections: MSRLN, SIDH, Defeo.

Coins can be purchased directly from the wallet through special swap services. In the beginning, these services will accept only Bitcoin and Ethereum. Then we will develop a special website for buying coins through any means of payment, including visa card. After listing, the coins can be bought on the exchange.
It wasn’t just for fun. It is necessary because of mining and different purposes of subchains. Because of security reasons and because of flexible transaction throughput.

We’re planning to support usage of our currency with services. Key services are TOR-like VPN – anonymous untraceable VPN, audio, video streaming, business collaboration tools and etc.
So, at least you’ll have cause to purchase some DapCash to use DiveVPN, DapConfCall and other service.

In one block, there can be can be a different number of coins – from several hundred and thousands to several tens and ones. One of the features of DapCash blockchain is that the coin emission will change smoothly depending on the number of transactions in the network (“floating” emission).
We’ll have CPU optimized mining. Just like in all other PoW networks, the complexity of forming each new block is adjusted on the basis of the total hash of capacities so that the generation of each new block takes place at the same time. For golden blocks this time is extremely high, ten thousand seconds (10,000). A golden block is confirmed by 10 inclusions in the silver block plus three inclusions in the golden.