DapCash – Service oriented cryptocurrency

Service oriented cryptocurrency

DapCash is the first service oriented, quantum computer resistant cryptocurrency platform with different coins, rapid, secure and multilevel sharding. Original DAP framework merged all the most important modern blockchain 3.0 technologies.​

Why do YOU need DapCash


  • multi-functional robust wallet
  • ultra-fast transactions
  • decentralized anonymous VPN
  • bridges for all popular crypto coins
  • Miners

  • CPU optimized democratic mining for everyone – you don’t need to own a large mining farm​
  • VPN mining, standard mining, service provide mining
  • multicoin mining
  • Business

  • private sharding, smart transactions
  • private on steroid blockchain with your own unique token
  • platform to start your blockchain project
  • versatile functionality of DapCash blockchain
  • All blockchains will be processed in one wallet. So you could have fast transactions, secure investments and a lot of other services at your hand.

    DAPG. Golden coin

    Rare token with one block per 10 000 secs generation, classic PoW. Golden blocks are also planning to be used for establishing consensus between shards inside other blockchains that has shards.

    DAPS. Silver coin

    General tokens, unlimited block size, one block per 100 seconds, hierarchical PoW with sharded blockchain. 100 DAPS = 1 DAPG.

    DAPB. Bronze coin

    Payment tokens – cup of coffee, payments for DapVPN, etc., PoS. 1000 DAPB = 1 DAPS.

    What you can do with DapCash tokens?

    You can start your own master node.

    Why is it cool? Because with the master node, you can:

    mine new coins as a compact “mining farm” – but no large servers and high cost for electricity 

    render blockchain-based services. Do you know that we have already developed the most innovative and cryptic VPN?

    bridge with other blockchains in our network. You can delegate your tokens to other people and have interest from their nodes! 

    What you need to launch your master node:

    100 DAPG

    10.000 DAPS

    1.000.000 DAPB

    DapCash competitiors

    Project Quantum resistance Multichains Multi-algorythm signatures Sharding mechanism Smart contracts Smart transactions Services infrastructure Interchain communications API Original code Language
    DapCash Yes Yes Yes Yes Planned Yes Yes Planned soon Yes C
    Bitcoin No No No No No Planned No No No C++
    Etherium No No No Planned Yes No No Particly Yes Go
    FreeTON No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes C++
    Cosmos No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Go
    Polkadot No Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Rust
    AION No Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Java
    Orchid No No No Yes No Yes Only VPN No No C++
    • Before the era of blockchain 3.0, cryptocurrencies were a store of value. Service-oriented projects create their own cryptoeconomics and the coin is in demand.
    • No cryptocurrency can solve the problem of quantum computing – all of them are vulnerable to the quantum computer.
    • FreeTON is the closest to DapCash – multiple blockchain with fast transactions, sharding, anonymity. But currently, FreeTON doesn’t disclose the details of how they will implement all these features. And even if FreeTON succeeds in realizing all these proposals, it will still remain vulnerable to quantum computers

    What we are doing now

    The DapCash team is currently developing the Cellframe platform – the open source framework for launching fully customizable and scalable subchains. 

    Our achievements for today:

    We have an MVP, namely: a working testnet, a wallet, and a working VPN service.

    A cryptocurrency hub for exchanging tokens between different blockchains. For example, vpn services from their private blockchains can exchange tokens and capacities through a private hub.

    Our platform is implemented in C, which is quite rare for such projects. C is one of the most cross-platform languages. In addition, the platform can also be bound to higher-level languages. In other words, the DapCash blockchain is easy to integrate with other platforms.

    Our token is not just a «coin». It is backed with the already working economy of the project — VPN services kelvpn.comdivevpn.com. Our team is also developing a WMS system (Warehouse Management System) for B2B clients.

    We have our own SDK, that is, a kit of libraries so that any client can easily and quickly start working with our platform. We created SDK even for the Python language, which makes it possible to integrate with our platform in C language.

    Our team implemented our own, unique cryptographic schemes based on post-quantum algorithms. As well as a multi-algorithmic digital signature.

    We actively proceed with the project and remember everyone who entrusted us with their funds.


    December 2017

    Start of development

    Start of the blockchain engine development, based on the code of our VPN server and a set of libraries compiled over the years of working on it.

    Kelvin project

    New investors entered the project. We launch a new Kelvin project based on DapCash blockchain

    February 2018
    Around 2019

    Cellframe SDK

    The Kelvin project was released into a full-fledged SDK and it was renamed “CellFrame”. “Kelvin” remained as the name for the VPN service


    We launched the first decentralized service – VPN on blockchain

    January 2020
    April 2020

    VPN beta testing

    Start of an open beta test of a public VPN brand – KelVPN which is based on VPN services of the CellFrame testnet

    Wallet release

    Graphic wallet release. DAPS / DAPG / DAPB appear on testnet. DAPB token sale begins

    December 2020
    January 2021

    Test mining

    Test mining, testnet bridging with Emercoin testnet, emission of wrapped wEMC tokens

    Mainnet release

    Mainnet launch, token exchange hub launch, BTC and ETH testnet bridging

    February 2021
    March 2021


    Test launch of a decentralized exchange, bridging with the Emercoin mainnet


    Bridging with BTC and ETH minnets, test smart contracts, messaging service

    April 2021
    May 2021

    Official launch

    We’ll unlock gold and silver coins and start the official launch of the exchange

    Mining start

    June 2021
    August 2021

    Smart contracts

    The official release of smart contracts, both based on WASM and as close as possible to Etherium – based on EVM

    The completion of the core blockchain services

    We’ll release the data storage, messaging and multimedia broadcasting service

    October 2021
    January 2022

    A new generation of services

    We’ll launch of decentralized hosting based on blockchain services. This will be the beginning of the Web 3.0 era


    Will you use ERC-20 token for DapCash?

    No, DapCash will not use ERC20. We have developed a special standard DT01, DT02, DT03, DT04 – the name for DapCash, Kelvin and other post-quantum currencies with variable signatures.

    What is quantum threat?

    A quantum threat is the ability to hack into the blockchain by using a quantum computer. A quantum computer due to super-fast computation processes will be able to fit private keys to encrypted blockchain transactions. Laboratory samples of quantum computers have already been developed. As soon as a quantum computer with sufficient power is developed, it becomes possible to hack most of existing blockchains.

    Can I exchange DapCash coins for Kelvin coins and vice versa?

    Exchange between DapCash pre-orders and Kelvin tokens would be able at Mainnet in Cellframe Core Network on Hub.

    What post-quantum algorithms are already implemented in DapCash?

    Empty field

    How will I be able to buy DapCash coins?

    We have developed a website for buying coins by any payment method, including Visa cards. We are developing the purchase of coins on the internal exchange. After that, coins can be bought on an external exchange.

    Is it necessary to have three coins (golden/silver/bronze), why not only DapCash coin?

    It wasn’t just for fun. It is necessary because of mining and different purposes of subchains. Because of security reasons and because of flexible transaction throughput.

    Will DapCash provide any services?

    We’re planning to support usage of our currency with services. Key services are TOR-like VPN – anonymous untraceable VPN, audio, video streaming, business collaboration tools, exchange, delegation and etc. So, at least you’ll have cause to purchase some DapCash to use DiveVPN, DapConfCall, data storage, CDN and other service.

    Why is blockchain VPN better?

    It is decentralized. Unlike other VPNs, it doesn’t have a central point of control. KelVPN combines the traffic of many servers that have become nodes. All your traffic is distributed between different nodes of the network to provide you with the best speed. This also means that decentralized KelVPN cannot collect logs, spy or sell your data.

    How many Gold coins will be in one block?

    In one block, there can be can be a different number of coins – from several hundred and thousands to several tens and ones. One of the features of DapCash blockchain is that the coin emission will change smoothly depending on the number of transactions in the network (“floating” emission).