Uniqueness of the project​

Fast ultra high protected transactions

Any digital signature must be variable – that is, it can be implemented in the form of different algorithms. It can be ring, allowing to make anonymous transactions, it can be multiple – signed by several participants at once. It can be of different types. If tomorrow you find a vulnerability in the security protocol, the next day the update of the software should add a new id for the new secure protocol. We have ability to use up to 65536 algorithms when others select only one, single algorithm.​

Multiple blockchains with different consensuses and tokens assignments

Multiple blocking, in which blocks or events are combined into different chains with different types of tokens, but which can contain each other’s transactions. Calculation of the balance of the wallet will be made immediately for all the detainees. Different blockhouses will have different algorithms for forming a block, different block generation times, different complexity. In the future, probably the emergence of new types of tokens.
We use all the advantages of DAG Chain​

Original C based code, optimized for high load

DAP SDK is based on original C code optimized for high load, including all modern high-load development technologies. The basis for the technical implementation of the block is the DAP SDK, specifically the following libraries: libdap, libdap-stream, libdap-chain and libdap-server

CPU optimized mining

Just like in all other PoW networks, the complexity of forming each new block is adjusted on the basis of the total hash of capacities so that the generation of each new block takes place at the same time. Mining of both blocks goes simultaneously, with calculation of probability of that for each one thousand silver blocks there will be one golden.​