Will you use ERC-20 token for DapCash?

No, DapCash will not use ERC20. We will develop special KS01 standard – draft name for DapCash, Kelvin and other post-quantum currencies with variable signatures.

What is quantum threat?

A quantum threat is the ability to hack into the blockchain by using a quantum computer. A quantum computer due to super-fast computation processes will be able to fit private keys to encrypted blockchain transactions. Laboratory samples of quantum computers have already been developed. As soon as a quantum computer with sufficient power is developed, it becomes possible to hack most of existing blockchains.

Can I exchange DapCash coins for Kelvin coins and vice versa?

Exchange between DapCash pre-orders and Kelvin tokens would be able at August-September 2018, after Kelvin release. Exchange rate will be calculated from nominal values both DapCash and Kelvin tokens, 1:1. So if you purchased DapCash coins for 10 ETH you can buy Kelvin coins for 10 ETH as well.

What is Coin Distribution Period?

Coin Distribution Period (CDP) is the time during which you have a unique chance to buy DapCash coins and contribute to our project. After the end of CDP, you can get coins only through mining.

What is the difference between ICO and CDP other than the name?

The difference is as follows:

  • We don’t generate the hype around the not-yet-existing product. We don’t call to make money on speculations with our coins.
  • We are an innovative IT company Demlabs Inc and have extensive experience in the development of unique IT products based on C-code: post-quantum blockchain, decentralized VPN service, etc.
  • We are not tied to cryptocurrencies and our project will not disappear like most ICOs. We already have MVP and we are ready to develop our project in any conditions.
  • Our project is financed at the expense of our own funds and the funds of our large investors. But since DapCash project is designed for ordinary people, we give them the opportunity to participate in our project during the Coin Distribution Period.


What happens if I buy tokens but hard cap will not be reached or something else will happen?

If the project fails or its conception changes a lot we’ll offer everybody to return funds. All the rest will have bonuses as usual.
But if we don’t reach hard cap – it doesn’t matter. We invest our own funds in the project and finance DapCash at the expense of other projects.

What post-quantum algorithms are already implemented in DapCash?

We have already implemented the following algorithms:
– Algorithms for wallets: Picnic, Tesla, Bliss;
– Algorithms for peer-to-peer connections: MSRLN, SIDH, Defeo.

How will I be able to buy DapCash coins?

Coins can be purchased directly from the wallet through special swap services. In the beginning, these services will accept only Bitcoin and Ethereum. Then we will develop a special website for buying coins through any means of payment, including visa card. After listing, the coins can be bought on the exchange.

How does DapCash differ from other quantum resistant projects?

Developing DapCash we don’t rely on the only one algorithm. All the rest selects one and rely on that. We do variable addressing and at the beginning there will be more than 10 types of quantum resistant cryptography for wallets. Then new algorithms could be added on the fly, up to 65’536.  If somebody hack one – we mark it deprecated and issue new with fixes. Without hardforks. And parachain plus sharding makes, for example, unnecessary for users to hold all the blockchain.

Is it necessary to have three coins (golden/silver/bronze), why not only DapCash coin?

It wasn’t just for fun. It is necessary because of mining and different purposes of subchains. Because of security reasons and because of flexible transaction throughput.

What are Golden coin (DAPG)?

Golden coin (DAPG) is a rare token with one block per 10 000 secs generation, classic PoW. Golden blocks are also planning to be used for establishing consensus between shards inside other blockchains that have shards. Golden coin is rarer and little more protected from so-called 51% attack. Also Golden coin is topmost blockchain for the rest subchains, like Silver or Bronze.

What are Silver coin (DAPS)?

Silver coin (DAPS) is a general token with unlimited block size, one block per 100 secs generation, hierarchical PoW with sharded blockchain. Silver appears when you mine golden tokens, this processes are merged in so-called Electrum mining. This means that for each 1 golden coin 100 silver coins present.

What are Bronze coin (DAPB)?

Bronze coin (DAPB) is a payment token. You can buy a cup of coffee, gas for smart contracts, or make payments for DapVPN, DPoS etc.

Will DapCash provide any services?

We’re planning to support usage of our currency with services. Key services are TOR-like VPN – anonymous untraceable VPN, audio, video streaming, business collaboration tools and etc.
So, at least you’ll have cause to purchase some DapCash to use DapVPN, DapConfCall and other service.

How many Gold coins will be in one block?

In one block, there can be can be a different number of coins – from several hundred and thousands to several tens and ones. One of the features of DapCash blockchain is that the coin emission will change smoothly depending on the number of transactions in the network (“floating” emission).

How can I mine DapCash?

We’ll have CPU optimized mining. Just like in all other PoW networks, the complexity of forming each new block is adjusted on the basis of the total hash of capacities so that the generation of each new block takes place at the same time. For golden blocks this time is extremely high, ten thousand seconds (10,000). A golden block is confirmed by 10 inclusions in the silver block plus three inclusions in the golden.
Mining of both blocks goes simultaneously, with calculation of probability of that for each one thousand silver blocks there will be one golden.

Where is your HQ located?

Currently we are based in Russia, Novosibirsk. Russia has not bad crypto climate. For most of blockchain projects it is good to base in Russia. If situation changes, we are ready to consider other countries with crypto – friendly laws.