ICO Start

DapCash ICO

We are pleased to announce the exact dates of DapCash ICO: Start - November 23, 2018. End - December 24, 2018. Before the start of the ICO, you still have ...
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The Asymmetric Algorithm RSA

Asymmetric encryption was previously discussed in this article. One of the most recognized asymmetric encryption algorithms is RSA, named after the initials of its creators - Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman ...
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Asymmetric Encryption

From our previous articles, general information about encryption, symmetric encryption, and its algorithms was discussed. Here, we will focus on asymmetric encryption. Asymmetric encryption applies two keys: the public key ...
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We have done the load testing of DAP platform!

Want to know what we did and what results we got? Read our brief report on the test results. Initial testing conditions During testing, we evaluated the speed ...
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Symmetric Encryption Algorithms

Just as the title implies, this article is all about symmetric encryption. Without further ado, let’s head into the algorithms of symmetric encryption. One of the well-known and widely used ...
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DapCash updates

So, we promised to tell you what new and interesting things would appear in our project. Here they are. Private shards mechanism and different types of consensus will appear ...
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symmetric encryption

Symmetric Encryption

You can read about encryption basic concepts in our previous article. Here we are talking about symmetric encryption. Symmetric encryption is characterized by the fact that the same key is ...
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What is Encryption: basic concepts

Many a man associate encryption with military intelligence or the search for ancient treasures following mysterious notes. But in fact, encryption has long been our daily life. Every day we ...
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What we are doing now

The DapCash team is currently developing the Kelvin project. Kelvin is based on the same code as the DapCash blockchain. In accordance with the investment agreement, the release of the ...
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The first quantum-resistant cryptocurrency DapCash which will survive Quantum Apocalypse is developed

Currently crypto community is highly concerned about such problems as expensive transactions in Bitcoin, large energy consumption in mining cryptocurrencies, high volatility of crypto assets. Everyone talks about Bitcoin exchange ...
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